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Misting Nozzle, .016″ (.4 mm) Cleanable, Anti-Drip | Desert Misting Systems

Misting Nozzle, .016″ (.4 mm) Cleanable, Anti-Drip


Fine atomizing nozzles with a stainless steel insert that can be hand tightened and seal with an O-Ring. These .012/.30mm nozzles are ideal for use in high pressure systems in arid climates or pool fogging applications. Typical flow rate is .036 gpm at 1000PSI.

This nozzle is great for patio cooling with higher ceilings and pool fogging. 

Nozzle is cleaned by removing cap, collection pin, and valve and spring and soaking in vinegar solution and/or misting nozzle cleaner.

250 in stock

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Misting Nozzle, .016″ orifice, 10/24 thread.  High pressure systems only.  Check valve and spring shuts off water flow after pump has been turned off.

Cleanable, Drip-less

Brass, Stainless Steel Orifice

Additional information

Weight .02 lbs

Desert Misting Systems
Peoria, Arizona